Hookah smoking accessories

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Accessories for hookahs

Hookah Clay Bowls
Hookah clay bowls

We offer clay bowls in different types, sizes and colors, You can choose mini clay bowl, small clay bowl, large clay bowl. Special The Funnel/Phunnel hookah clay bowl, Triple head Clay bowl etc. All models made from high quality ceramics.

Hookah Bases
Hookah bases for replacement

If you broken your old hookah base, there is no need to buy completely new hookah! Just order an extra hookah base. We have all sizes of hooka bases, like junior, medium, large size. All hookah bases have unique design and made in Egypt. Bohemian glass hookah bases are presented also. A beautiful hookah base will always upgrade your existing hookah.

Hookah Grommets
Hookah grommets

Every hookah has a ring of rubber to prevent an air passed through hose connections. The silicon pieces that make your hookah smoke in a perfect air-tight condition over and over again.

Filters and Mouth Tips
Hookah filter

Hookah Filters are designed to absorb any tars, nicotine etc. They should make your smoking extremely harmless. Mouth Tips for hookahs keep the hygiene between you and your smoking buddies.

Miscellaneous Accessories

If you need any additional accessories, check this section and find an item you need.

Accessory Packs
Hookah accessory packs

Hookah accessories packs. "Must have" items for every shisha smoker.

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